Amla Turmeric Elixir


Immune Booster also known as “Indian Gooseberry”
Amla is a highly revered rasayana (rejuvenative) for the entire system. Specifically, it promotes youthfulness, bolsters immunity, tonifies all the body’s tissues and promotes overall health and well-being. It is a brain tonic, it promotes memory, and its sattvic nature fosters subtle awareness, balanced emotions, and clarity of mind.
Turmeric or “haridra” in Sanskrit, an anti-oxidant herb helps balance Kapha and Vata doshas (mind-body types) and due to its bitter taste helps balance Pitta dosa making it tri-doshic. It also helps in liver detoxification, maintain healthy cholesterol levels & promotes body’s healthy response to allergens and benefits the complexion.
Ingredients : Water, Organic Agave Syrup, Amla Extract, Organic Ginger Extract, Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Turmeric Extract, Organic Cayenne Pepper Extract.
  • Low calories
  • NO Refined Sugar
  • NO Caffeine
  • NO Preservatives
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • Adaptogen Powered
  • Plant Based
  • Vegan