Adaptogenic Super Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs boost energy, restore vitally, and help raise the body’s ability to deal with the stresses of modern life with no harmful side effects. They are also the prime herbs used for increasing life force and longevity.

Broadly speaking an Adaptogen can be any substance or life style change that helps one adjust or adapt to our modern day environment, but the term is most often used to describe a group of herbs that have a long history of promoting longevity and increasing the overall strength and resiliency of our bodies.


Turmeric or “haridra” in Sanskrit, an anti-oxidant herb helps balance Kapha and Vata doshas (mind-body types) and due to its bitter taste helps balance Pitta dosa making it tri-doshic. It also helps in liver detoxification, maintain healthy cholesterol levels & promotes body’s healthy response to allergens and benefits the complexion.



The Queen of Herbs commonly known as “Holy Basil”

When you think of holy basil, imagine it bringing you calm, grounded energy. As the name would imply, holy basil has spiritual as well as medicinal significance in Ayurveda. In Hindu mythology, the plant is an incarnation of the goddess Tulsi, offering divine protection. Many Indian families keep a living holy basil plant in their homes, and tend to it with great care and reverence.



Spirit of the Stallion also known as “Winter Cherry”

It’s been used for thousands of years as a central herb in rasayana, the science and alchemy of promoting longevity, vitality, and optimal balance for the body and mind. Offers a powerful boost of energy and endurance by supporting overall endocrine function. It even promotes healthy sleep at the same time—a seemingly paradoxical boast that conventional “energizers” certainly can’t make.



Immune Booster also known as “Indian Gooseberry”

Amla is a highly revered rasayana (rejuvenative) for the entire system. Specifically, it promotes youthfulness, bolsters immunity, tonifies all the body’s tissues and promotes overall health and well-being. It is a brain tonic, it promotes memory, and its sattvic nature fosters subtle awareness, balanced emotions, and clarity of mind.